Drug-crazed man subdued before harming Pattaya school children

Police subdue the drug-crazed man after he ran into a school scaring the children, posing a potential threat to life and limb.

Students at the Nong Jabtao School in the Khao Chee Chan area south of Pattaya got quite a scare when a drug-crazed man ran into their school with the intention of holding one of them hostage.

The incident happened on May 27, when residents spotted an irrational man on the road shouting and threatening passersby.

The village chief summoned Sattahip police to subdue and remove this man from their community for fear of him causing harm to innocent residents.

When police arrived, the 46-year-old man identified as Chedchai Laempeng ran into a nearby school with the alleged intention of taking a child hostage. The children scattered in all directions screaming in fear.

The policemen were quick to react and pounced on Chedchai before he could get close to any children to cause them harm.

Chedchai was incoherent but police could just about make out that he had taken a lot of methamphetamines, which proved positive after a urine test.

Police hauled him off to the police station to be charged with the use of Schedule 1 illegal substances.