Driving on Pattaya Railway Road during construction can kill you

Sloppy construction along the railway road has become hazardous for commuters.

Residents living along the railway road have lodged complaints and put out a warning that driving along the road during construction can be extremely hazardous to life and limb.

During the construction on the road behind Wat Thamsamakee heading towards Khao Talo and the Eastern National Indoor Sports Stadium on Chaiyapruek Road, city workers have dug up the road to lay water pipes and make major repairs to the surface.

One resident told our reporter June 8, “Progress is good, but the workers are very careless by erecting only a few warning signs and a couple of neon lights to warn motorists of the extreme danger if they accidentally crashed into one of the huge manmade sinkholes in the ground.

“This is an extremely busy road for motorbikes, passenger cars, trucks, and pedestrians living in the area. The barriers put up to warn the people are sparse and warning lights are almost non-existent.”

The barriers put up to warn the people are sparse and warning lights are almost non-existent, which is highly dangerous for traveling at night.

The residents expressed their extreme disappointment with the management of the roadworks around the city saying, “Pattaya claims to be a world-class city and have the most modern technology and equipment available anywhere, but what we seriously lack is common sense when it comes to doing things which are fundamental to the wellbeing and safety of the populace.

“We strongly urge the authorities to take immediate steps to correct and improve the safety procedures before someone gets seriously hurt or killed.”

The consensus among those we interviewed is to fix the road quickly, and for the sake of drivers, put up proper hazard warnings.

Warning lights installed in some parts were not enough.