Double robbery night in Pattaya-Takhiantia community

The optical shop owner points to an empty area where valuables once resided before a thief broke in a stole them.

Crime in Chonburi is on the rise as the Covid-19 pandemic is causing more damage to the economy and devastating people’s lives much more than can be imagined.

Unemployment and lack of income have turned many good people to the dark side of crime and communities are living in fear.

Two incidents of break-ins occurred on the night of May 9 in Takhiantia municipality, when burglars first broke into a pharmacy and later an optical shop just 700 meters away.

The owner of the optical shop, who asked to remain anonymous, reported the crime to police the next morning showing the CCTV video clip of the robbery. The video showed that at around 3 a.m. a man in a black crash helmet, wearing a red wind jacket and looking like he was armed, broke into the ground floor of the shop. He rummaged through the drawers and stole 5000 baht cash and over a hundred thousand baht worth of gold jewelry.

CCTV footage captures the thief during the crime. Police expect a quick arrest.

Police also had a CCTV clip of the earlier robbery and said that the robber could be the same person, except he was wearing a different jacket. They determined he is a Thai man around 30-40 years old and 165-175 tall. He rode a black motorcycle and wore a black helmet, gray uniform, and sports shoes. He used a foot-long bolt cutter to open the door and break into the shop downstairs, where he ransacked the ground floor and stole ten thousand baht along with gold-framed Buddhist amulets.

Police said they can clearly see the burglar’s face on the video, which would enable them to arrest the burglar very quickly.