Distraught man climbs to topmost floor of Pattaya hotel

The distressed man is seen on the roof of a house before climbing up to the top floor of the neighboring hotel on Soi 8, Pattaya Beach Road.

Pattaya Police and rescue units from the Swawang Boriboon Thamasthan Foundation rushed to Soi 8 on Pattaya Beach Road at 12.30 pm July 10 after receiving a call that a Thai man had climbed onto the roof of a house and then climbed up the side of an adjoining hotel.

On arrival they found a man estimated to be around 25-30 years old clutching precariously onto the 8th floor balcony ledge of the hotel.

Police officers and rescue units watched from the ground while another group was dispatched inside the building to try to talk the man into coming back inside.

The man seemed quite disturbed and try as they might the rescuers were not able to coax the man to come into the building.

Witnesses in the area said they saw the man holding a knife restlessly walking around the area that morning.

The unidentified Thai man is seen clinging to the 8th floor balcony of the hotel.

Shortly after, they saw him on the roof of a house and in the next moment he had already climbed up to the eighth floor balcony of the neighboring hotel.

The rescuers persevered, waiting patiently and continuously talking to the man to calm him and convince him not to do anything stupid.

Finally, after 5 hours of patient and soothing talk, the man relented and climbed into the safety of the building.

The man was not identified except that he was a native of Nong Bualumphu province. Police took him to a local hospital for observation and treatment. The motive of his climb to the top of the building was not immediately known.

Police and rescue units approach the depressed man from inside the hotel to try to convince him to calm down and come inside.

The man can be seen clinging to the 8th floor balcony of the hotel.