Disabled Pattaya lottery seller robbed at knifepoint

Wasin Singhaphukam bows on the ground at Pookthong Kuthong, the disabled lottery ticket vendor’s feet, begging for forgiveness for having threatened her with a knife and robbing her of cash and valuables.

An online-gambling addict confessed to robbing a disabled lottery seller at knifepoint in Pattaya.
Banglamung police had Wasin Singhaphukam, 27, re-enact the Oct. 27 robbery outside King Taksin Park on Sukhumvit Road.

Pookthong Kuthong, 55, said she was rolling her wheelchair along Sukhumvit en route to the Rong Po Market to sell lottery tickets when Wasin approached her and feigned interest in buying 5,000 baht worth of tickets. He told Pookthong he had to get money and would return shortly. Instead, he returned with a knife.

In the Oct. 30 re-enactment, Wasin showed how he robbed the disabled woman of her bag of lotto tickets, 4,000 baht cash a gold necklace and an amulet before speeding off against traffic on a motorbike with its license plate covered.

CCTV camera video helped police trace their suspect to his apartment in Banglamung Subdistrict. Police said Wasin claimed he needed the money to feed his online-gambling habit.

Wasin apologized to his victim, but police charged him with armed robbery anyway.