Cutting grass ‘low priority’ amid pandemic, hunger says Pattaya sub-district chief

Banglamung sub-district mayor Acting Sub Lt. Jaraywat Chinawat said that the municipality lacked equipment and manpower to tend to the overgrown grass and trees on the traffic islands.

With coronavirus vaccinations, flood control, reopening preparations and welfare for unemployed residents to worry about, cutting the grass was a pretty low priority, Banglamung Sub-district Mayor Jaraywat Chinawat.

The head of the tiny municipality on the edge of Banglamung District was responding to public complaints about 90-centimenter-high grass on a Sukhumvit Road traffic island near the Kratinglai intersection. They moaned that the high grass obstructed their view while driving.

Municipal workers clear the traffic islands of dead tree branches and undergrowth by hand.

Newly elected Jaraywat said he had a long agenda of more-important tasks to compete after taking office and, besides, it was raining nearly every day, so the grass was allowed to grow during rainy season.

The subdistrict has a very small staff and virtually no heavy machinery of its own, so there was no person and no tractor available to tend to the grass. Public works staffers were more concerned with trimming branches that could fall during heavy storms and removing dangerously leaning trees.

Jaraywat said the grass will get cut. People just need to be more patient.