Crazed stick wielding tramp scares Khao Talo residents in Pattaya

The crazed shirtless stick wielding tramp roams the streets of Khao Talo insulting and threatening the residents of the community.

Residents of Khao Talo community panicked when a crazed tramp was seen roaming the streets wielding a rod in an aggressive manner. Scared residents said that this incensed man was seen regularly in the area and seemed like he was always in a bad mood.

They said the man never wore a shirt and was always shouting insults at passersby. They asked the city authorities to take him away for fear that he might hurt the children not to mention adult men and women too.

The best the residents could do for now was to take photos of the crazed person with their mobile phones and post them on social media hoping the authorities would do something to get rid of this potential danger to life and limb.