Canadian killed in motorcycle collision

Rescue workers tend to the carnage on Pattaya Center Road.
Rescue workers tend to the carnage on Pattaya Center Road.

Canadian national Michael Anthony Pinheiro, 51, was killed Sept. 27 when the Honda Click scooter he was riding collided with a Honda CBR 650 motorcycle being driven by 25-year-old Samart Butboran.

Police rushed out to the scene of the fatal accident on Central Pattaya Road after being notified by the Sawangboriboon Foundation emergency response team. Pinheiro was found lying unconscious next to his wrecked motorcycle and was given CPR by paramedics before being rushed to Pattaya City Hospital. Sadly he later succumbed to his injuries.

An eye-witness, Krittanat Pararuk, 56, said he saw Pinheiro attempting to turn across Central Road to go into the Foodland car park when another larger bike, being ridden by Butboran, smashed into the side of him and the impact sent both riders flying. Pararuk suggested that Butboran may have been driving at an excessive speed.

Police said they were waiting to question the survivor who was also seriously injured in the collision and in the meantime would check CCTV to try to ascertain possible causes. Medics have also been asked to test blood samples from both parties for any evidence of alcohol.