Bus collision flips car onto roof at Pattaya tunnel entrance

The occupants of the grey Mitsubishi Mirage sedan sit on the sidewalk at the entrance to the Central Pattaya tunnel, dazed but otherwise unhurt after the tour bus hit their car and flipped it upside down.

A large tour bus hit a grey Mitsubishi Mirage sedan at the entrance of the Central Pattaya tunnel causing it to flip over and land on its roof, resulting in a nasty traffic snarl. All occupants had safely crawled out of the vehicle, and there were no reported injuries.

Adjacent to the sedan, a white tour bus branded “Sunlong” showed signs of body damage on its front left side. The bus driver, identified as Somchok Meekhong, 45, explained that he was in the right lane, intending to enter the tunnel when the sedan abruptly changed lanes and cut in front of him, leading to a collision and subsequently causing the sedan to flip over.

Local authorities documented the scene to collect evidence and facilitated the removal of both vehicles to restore traffic flow. Ongoing investigations seek to determine the precise cause of the incident and settle liability for the accident.