Burglars rob 3 Banglamung homes while owners away


Thieves hit three unoccupied homes in a Banglamung housing development, robbing them of gold and electronics while the owners were away.

The burglaries, reported Jan. 31, occurred in adjacent houses in Mak Mai Village 2. In all cases, thieves entered through a bathroom or bedroom window while the owners were either at work or visiting relatives. Police believe two men are behind the operation who had staked out the neighborhood in advance.

Police look for clues at one of the burgled houses. Police look for clues at one of the burgled houses.

Victim Ekapong Sampan, 30, reported the loss of a gold ring worth 10,000 baht and a mobile phone. Second victim Sakchai Than-Uthai, 29, said he lost 20 well-known Buddhist gold amulets of an unknown value. And final victim Surat Srisuk, 27, said thieves took 10 amulets and a Nikon digital camera worth 25,000 baht from his home.

In general, the thieves appeared to have taken their time and, except for Surat’s bedroom, left each home generally undisturbed. The target items were obviously gold and easy-to-conceal electronics, as all three homes had other larger valuable items that were left behind.