Asleep at the wheel, napping man snarls Sattahip traffic for an hour


A Lopburi man literally asleep at the wheel confounded drivers and police in Sattahip after he parked in the middle of a busy intersection, put on some soft music and took a nap.

Sattahip Police were called to Sukhumvit Road at kilometer marker 1 around 3:30 a.m. Feb. 1 on reports that someone had intentionally parked their Chevrolet pickup in the middle of the intersection and gone to sleep. Officers arrived to find Kodsak Kaewmaroeng, 26, in a coma-like slumber, his truck with emergency brake pulled, lights on, windows open and gentle string music on the sound system.

Police try to wake the slumbering driver, to no avail. Police try to wake the slumbering driver, to no avail.

The black truck was creating real danger on the busy highway, with numerous drivers nearly smashing into the stopped vehicle. Police quickly marked off the truck with cones and tried to wake the driver, to no avail.

Checking Kodsak’s pulse, police found he was still alive, but no amount of shouting, shaking and placing cold towels on his face would rouse him. Police, however, still wouldn’t yank the driver from the truck and clear the road. Instead they waited nearly and hour before finally pushing the vehicle out of the intersection.

Officers said the Lopburi man weighed about 80 kg. and was difficult to dislodge from the drivers seat.

So, police called his relatives whose number they found on his mobile phone. After having gently transferred the slumbering man across into the passenger seat the relative drove the truck home, with Kobsak still fast asleep.

It is not known whether the man was intoxicated or whether he had just dosed off because he was extremely tired from a hard day at the office.

After he woke up he probably said, “Where the &^*% am I?”