Broken equipment leads to stagnant water at Pattaya park

Nongprue Mayor Winai Inpitak inspects the water pond at King Bhumibol Public Park after receiving reports that it was emitting a foul smell.

If there were fish in the pond at Nongprue’s King Bhumibol Public Park, they’re all dead now after the oxygenator broke and officials allowed the water to stagnate.

Nongprue Mayor Winai Inpitak and subdistrict engineering and environmental workers took water samples and inspected the broken machinery at the park behind Nongprue Kindergarten Oct. 18.

Park employees never reported the problem and it only became an issue following a raft of complaints about smelly water from park users.

Winai Inpitak ordered that water in a storm-retention pond at the kindergarten be drained into the park’s lake. Wastewater will then be pumped out, leaving the pond fresher.
The mayor also pledged to repair the oxygenator quickly.

He oxygenators in the middle of the pond were found to be in a state of disrepair.