Briton bashed with dumbbell at Pattaya gym

Gary Reed shows a police report while he talks to reporters about the incident where he was hit with a dumbbell at a gym requiring 60 stitches to his head.

An argument over gym equipment ended up with a British man bashed in the head with a dumbbell.

Gary Reed, 46, screened security-camera video for the media May 17 of the incident in which he was attacked by another foreign man, requiring 60 stitches.

Reed said he was working out and asked the other man if he was using some equipment. The other man replied that he was, but wasn’t using it at the time. When Reed laid down on a weight bench, the other man hit him in the face with the steel plate.

Reed reported the incident to police, but went to the media because he wasn’t confident officers would pursue the case.

A security camera screen shot shows the moment when the perpetrator hit Reed with a dumbbell.