BMW no U-boat in Pattaya’s floods

Despite all the money and work put into attacking Pattaya’s chronic flooding, heavy thunderstorms continue to inundate roads and villages throughout the area.

The driver of a German luxury car discovered it wasn’t a U-boat during Pattaya’s latest floods.

The unidentified driver of the BMW stalled May 19 on the railway-parallel road, submerged in heavy storm runoff. It took police and another vehicle to push it out of traffic.

The storm hit four days into the official rainy season and dumped the wet stuff on Pattaya for more than two hours. All the usual places flooded, with water streaming down sois Khao Talo and Khao Noi, resembling roaring rapids.

About 300 meters of Sukhumvit Road also became impassable for small vehicles.

While Pattaya still floods despite the decade-plus of work to lay larger drainage pipes, the increased number of outlets is evident in the much-reduced time it takes for the stormwaters to subside.

Drive through flooded streets at your own risk – a BMW (not shown) learned the hard way when it stalled on the railway-parallel road.

Police and emergency officials closed off the roaring rapids that sois Khao Talo and Khao Noi had turned into.