Big Cleaning Day at Pattaya police station

Pattaya police officers leave their guns in the office and grab a broom each to wash down the parking area of their Soi 9 precinct.

Pattaya police cleaned house, literally, to spruce up the Soi 9 offices for the public.
Police chief Pol. Col. Kullachart Kullachai didn’t pick up a broom himself, but sent all his minions to do so Aug. 5.

Officers in plainclothes cleaned workrooms, restrooms, service areas and the parking lot.
Kullachart clarified that Pattaya Police Station is cleaned by janitors daily, but this media sideshow was for some extra polish. He said it will be done monthly.

Police chief Pol. Col. Kullachart Kullachai commands his police officers to clean up the Pattaya police station premises to look more presentable to the public.

A police officer cleans out garbage accumulated throughout years from under the police station building.