Apartment owner loses cash, jewelry to 2-day Laotian ‘girlfriend’


A Pattaya apartment owner who invited a Laotian prostitute to live with him lost more than 100,000 baht in cash and jewelry when she fled the city.

Manop Rithniran, owner of the Lee Garden Apartments in North Pattaya, filed a complaint with police about a Laotian woman identified only as “Phuchao.” The 46-year-old said he met the 19-year-old immigrant when she came to rent a room and, finding her attractive, offered her cash for sex, then invited her to live with him.

Two days later, she asked Manop to borrow his motorbike to go to the beauty parlor. But after she didn’t return, he became suspicious and, searching his apartment, discovered 55,000 baht in cash, a 2 baht-weight gold necklace, gold amulet and mobile phone had been stolen.

Manop later found his bike at a Pattaya minibus depot, but discovered the woman had fled in a coach. He said he has the Laotian woman’s identification card, so he asked police to help him track down his possessions.