Angry drunk smashes pickup into Chonburi restaurant

Wife didn’t come home, her drunken, jealous husband drove his pickup truck into the Kung Yang grilled-shrimp restaurant.

A drunk, jealous man drove his pickup truck into a Chonburi restaurant after his wife didn’t come home.

Arunsri Thongkaew, 43, was captured by Muang District police Feb. 2 following the incident at the Kung Yang grilled-shrimp restaurant on Sukhumvit Road in Saen Suk Subdistrict.

Owner Namkang Maneein, 34, said Arunsri smashed his truck into the building, damaging the Mazda BT50 and the restaurant. He staggered out of the cab. Then someone in another car picked him up and they drove away.

Police said Arunsri was upset because his wife, who works at the restaurant, had gone on what she described as a one-day trip with the owner, but she didn’t come home that night as planned.

So Arunsri said he got drunk, jumped in his pickup and took out his frustration on the restaurant. The police gave the driver an alcohol test and would interrogate him further for prosecution.

Arunsri Thongkaew initially left the scene, but police caught up with him at his home later.


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