Alien ‘Predator’ now making food deliveries in Pattaya

The woman seems amused as she takes food delivery from the alien predator.

A Pattaya food deliveryman’s out-of-this-world service is scaring him up extra business, and tips.

Thonpat Onlamai, 41, is prompting both screams and chuckles from Grab Food customers by showing up at their doors in a fear-inspiring “Predator” mask.

Thonpat Onlamai prepares to metamorphosize into a food delivery alien predator.

The mask is the helmet worn by the alien warrior in the “Predator” movie franchise launched by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1997. He bought it on Facebook but didn’t even have the money to buy it outright.

Business is so bad in Pattaya he had to pay for the costume on installment before he could use it as a motorcycle helmet.

The Predator mask likely won’t provide Thonpat any protection in a crash, but it has boosted his income. He said he was making only about 100 baht a day. Now he’s getting more in tips by bringing a smile to his customers’ faces.

A version of this story first appeared in the Bangkok Herald.

The alien predator bemoans the dismal income, but the tips are good.