After 8 Indian robberies, Pattaya police finally step up patrols

After a spate of late-night robberies on Pattaya Beach, Tourist Police have stepped up patrols checking ID cards of individuals suspected of being predators.

After at least eight Indian tourists were robbed of gold since April, Pattaya police finally are stepping up patrols to combat transgender thieves.

Tourist Police Division officers began walking after-midnight beats on Pattaya Beach June 30 in response to the wave of chain-snatching crimes against foreigners perpetuated by loitering ladyboys.

Police rounded up those hanging around on the street “suspiciously”. The presence of officers scared off other predators.

Tourist police also sent word to hotels to advise their guests not to wear gaudy gold or conspicuous jewelry when going out and not to wander around alone late at night.

The floodlit Pattaya Beach is popular amongst residents and tourists who like to relax by the sea taking in the cool breeze and listening to the sounds of waves washing against the shore.