Abandoned preteen Thai boys become caretakers for infirm grandparents

The two pre-teenaged boys, Jedsada and Wanchai Chumsuk, rush home from school to do housework such as cleaning utensils and washing clothes for the whole family.

Two preteen Chonburi boys have been pushed into a caretaker’s role for their infirm grandparents after being abandoned by their parents.

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Jedsada and Wanchai Chumsuk, ages 10 and 12, said they wake up daily at 4 a.m. to prepare breakfast for their grandmother and grandfather. The patriarch is disabled after losing a leg to diabetes while their grandma has lung cancer.

The two young boys care for grandmother, Tiemjit Samhiran, who has lung cancer and is bedridden.

Together they live in a dilapidated house in Ban Bung’s Nong Nam Kiew Community where they return every afternoon to do housework and homework, leaving no time for playtime like their classmates.

Nongyao Sirikun, the teacher for both boys at Wat Nong Nam Kiew School, said Jedsada and Wanchai are both good lads, but they always look sad. They have no idea where their parents are, but hope they return to be a family again.

In the interim, Nongyao said she gives them 120 baht each a week for lunches while Learsak Prasong, vice president of the Silathum Association and rescue-squad volunteers gave each boy a bicycle to commute to and from school.

Anyone wishing to assist Jedsada and Wanchai can donate to Krung Thai Bank account 461-0-34672-9, which belongs to their grandmother Tiemjit Samhiran.

One of the boys prepares to cook rice for the family as grandpa, who lost his legs due to diabetes, sits in a wheelchair and grandma lays in her bed.


Wat Nong Nam Kiew School teacher Nongyao Sirikun said the boys are very well behaved but seem sad. She helps them with lunch money.