A huge fire is raging in Pattaya Walking Street

Buildings on Walking Street are on fire.

The category 5 fire started at Nasha Pub at 9.30 pm. The fire is spreading rapidly. Suspected gas leaks and explosions are heard.

Thick black smoke everywhere.

Firefighters from all the fire stations in the area are helping to put out the flames.

More explosions are heard.

Firefighters are fighting the flames burning on the top floor of the Nashaa Pub.

The Electric authority has cut power to the whole area.

The fire has spread to at least 3 buildings.

More explosions are heard.

Very strong winds are fanning the flames.

The flames and smoke are getting bigger and thicker.

Light rain is falling.

More explosions.

Fire fighters on a crane are trying to put out the fire on the upper floors.

Many more explosions.

The flames are shooting out of the front of the building onto Walking Street.

Firefighters hard at work.

The flames are raging uncontrollably through the building.

Fire is at category 5-7. The heat is tremendous.

Firefighters are asking for drinking water.

Water for a firefighter.

The metal sheet roof has collapsed.

No part of the building has collapsed.

Only small fire engines can get to the fire, because of the many neon signs hanging on the buildings preventing larger trucks from going through.

Fire fighters are now able to control the flames preventing it from spreading to nearby buildings.

Walking Street buildings on fire.

Police are requesting people to clear the area as more explosions are heard.

The fire is still raging on, but now confined to the immediate area.

The raging flames engulfing the building at the height of the fire.

Witnesses tell police that the fire started on the second floor of Nashaa Pub.

There are no reported injuries.

There are still flames and smoke on the second floor.

Firefighters are still dousing the building with water to extinguish any sparks of fire that can ignite.

The cause of the fire is still not known.

Firefighters look a little relieved as the worst seems to be over.

Latest report at 01:00 local time: Small fires are still burning in the building, but the situation is under control.

Pattaya Mail will publish updates of the situation in the morning.


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