700 Pattaya students and monks get scholarships

Phra Phomkavee, Monk’s dean of Region 13 and Abbot of Wat Kanlayanamit presents scholarships to 300 monks and novices who recently graduated Buddhist theology courses.

Pattaya students, monks and novices received 700 scholarships at Wat Chaimongkol Temple’s annual Luang Pho Po Fair.

Phra Phomkavee, dean of monks for Region 13 and abbot of Kanlayanamit Temple, and Chaimongkol Temple Abbot Panyarattanaporn presented the stipends on the fair’s 38th Burapajan Day attended by about 1,000 people at the South Pattaya wat.

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Pattaya residents set up almshouses in the temple grounds to distribute food to the hundreds of devotees that attended the ceremonies.

Students from Pattaya’s public schools received 400 scholarships donated by city businesses.

Meanwhile, Chonburi clergy donated 300 scholarships to monks and novices studying the Pali Sanskrit language who recently graduated Buddhist theology courses.