3-million-baht gold chain requires big neck, bigger wallet

Chin Yaowarat gold shop owner Chuencheeva Homslip says, for a mere 2.94 million baht you can be the proud owner of this 100-baht-weight Chinese New Year gold necklace.

A 100-baht-weight gold necklace valued at almost 3 million baht went on display at a Chonburi gold shop for Chinese New Year.

The 1.5-kilogram chain from Chin Yaowarat gold shop had not sold as of Jan. 31, but a 60-baht-weight piece valued at about 1.8 million baht did last year.

The big gold attracted big crowds to the shop inside the Robinson department store’s Don Hua For branch in Muang District.

Owner Chuencheeva Homslip, 30, said that after hitting the big payday for the 60-baht-weight chain last year, she ordered the 1,500-gram necklace, whose gold alone is valued at 2.94 million baht, to attract people to see and buy gold objects from the shop.

The final price of necklaces and jewelry is higher than the actual gold value due to craftsmanship. Chuencheeva said 1,000 baht is added to the price for each baht weight, adding 100,000 baht to the big chain.

She noted the clasp of the big necklace alone weighs 5-baht.

Chuencheeva said the necklace is not just a showpiece and can be bought. Or, she said, people can order even heavier – and more expensive – items.

Chuencheeva said the gaudy ornament is not just a showpiece and can be bought.

The humongous gold chain attracts large crowds to the shop.