2-year-old takes wander around Pattaya

Pidthum Phocharoen (with cane) called police (standing with motorcycle) after discovering 2-year-old Nantakorn Permthong happily playing in his yard after he wandered off while his older sister Wassana Permthong fell asleep.

A Pattaya grandfather saved a 2-year-old who wandered away from his babysitting older sister.

Pidthum Phocharoen, 66, called police after discovering Nantakorn Permthong happily playing in his yard early April 19. The boy, in blue shirt and a diaper, seemed unfazed that he was a nearly kilometer away from home.


While waiting for police Wassana Permthong, 14, came to claim the boy, explaining that she watched the toddler while their parent worked at a Pattaya market. The tot wandered away while she was sleeping, she said.

Wassana said she followed the family dog to the house to find the boy. But Pidthum wouldn’t release the toddler to her care until police arrived to verify she was indeed the boy’s sister.

Pidthum gave the teen girl a stern admonishment about the need to pay better attention to her younger brother.