2 teens trapped in hotel elevator on Pattaya Music Festival night

The trapped 14-year-old girl looks relieved as rescue workers pry open the door of the elevator stuck between the 3rd and 4th floors of the hotel.

Pattaya Music Festival this year left good impressions with most of the young visitors but not for two teenaged students from Rayong province trapped inside their hotel elevator on the morning of Saturday Aug 27.

Friends told police that they came to Pattaya for the music festival. After the concert ended on Friday night, they returned to their hotel rooms. Arriving at the elevator on the ground floor, they noticed that it was not working properly, so they took the stairs to their rooms on the 4th floor instead.

They said that the two ill-fated teens who arrived a little later pressed the button and the elevator door opened as normal, so they walked in. But luck played tricks on them; the elevator malfunctioned and stopped on the way to the 4th floor trapping them in the enclosed cubicle.

One of the young visitors told police, “At the time of life and death, we tried to open the automatic doors but to no avail. All we could do was try to peep through the metal doors to see if our friends were alright. We couldn’t hear anything so we immediately called the hotel reception for help.”

Friends watch anxiously as rescue workers pry open a gap in the elevator door to see that the kids were safe and let in some air.

Rescue workers from the The Sawang Boriboon Foundation arrived to find hotel elevator stuck between the 3rd and the 4th floors. They managed to pry a 5 centimeter gap in the elevator door and let in some air. The 16-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl seemed to be in good condition but were desperate to get out. The rescuers needed about 30 minutes to free them.

The group of teenage holiday makers said they were quite annoyed that the hotel did not put up any signs to say that the elevator was ‘out of order’ and to take the stairs instead. One boy said, “It was most unfortunate that our friends had to go through this frightening ordeal during their holiday. The next time we come to Pattaya, we will look for accommodations elsewhere.”

The elevator doors were finally forced open wide enough to safely pull out the trapped teenagers.