2 Swedes face drug, immigration charges after arrest at drug party with 2-year-old


Two Swedes and two Thai women were arrested on illegal drug charges after police were tipped off that the intoxicated quartet was giving drugs to a 2-year-old girl.

A dozen Pattaya Police officers raided the Chounsuk Apartments on Soi Bongkot Aug. 11, arresting Ulf Inge Morgan Bersgren, 36; Joel Malik Nordin, 33; Linlata Nudam, 21; and Ruethairat Chottrakarn, 35. Officers said all were high and tested positive for marijuana and crystal methamphetamine use. In the apartment, police seized marijuana cigarettes and ya ice paraphernalia.

In the middle of the noxious smoke was Ruethairat’s daughter, who was clearly suffering the effects of the drugs. Police said they had been tipped off by a foreign tourist that the Swedes and Thais were giving the girl pot, then laughing about it.

All four were booked on illegal drug consumption and possession charges. Additionally, Bersgren faces immigration charges for overstaying his visa by 18 months. Nordin may also face additional charges, as he was not able to produce his passport.

Police awarded custody of the ill-treated child to Ruethairat’s friend.