Tourist attacked by tiger at Million Years Stone Park


A Bangkok apartment owner was injured when she was attacked by a tiger at the Million Years Stone Park.

Pim Onpan, 48, suffered a bite to her right arm and bruises on her face after being pawed by male tiger “Milky” Aug. 11. After a short hospital stay, she is recovering at home under the care of friend Watcharin Dokpikun.

Watcharin said Pim was sitting next to the tiger for a photograph and followed all the instructions given to her by the tiger’s trainer. The big cat then pounced with no warning, she said.

Park Chairman Suan Panomwatanakul disputed Watcharin’s version of the events, saying that while Pim initially followed the trainer’s instructions, she returned to sit next to the tiger after her first photo and sat in the wrong spot and wrongly placed her hand over the tiger’s head.

Nonetheless, the Million Years park is covering all medical expenses.

Panomwatanakul said Milky has been posing for photos with tourists for six months with no problems. He added the park has strict rules and safety measures and tourists are urged to follow them exactly.