What postal service?



Last week, I went into the post office on Sukhumvit Rd, Jomtien to ask why I was not receiving my mail. I asked to speak to the manager, and was shown to his office. I asked why I had not received my TOT bills for the last 3 months, and now my True Vision bill was missing.  Documents from the UK had not arrived either.  Why?  He asked me to follow him into the sorting area, which was absolute bedlam.  It amazed me how anything ever got delivered. There were TOT envelopes, and stacks of True Vision magazines everywhere.  There was more mail than floor. He then pointed to a wall, a very large wall, and covering that wall there were dozens, and dozens of sacks full of mail yet to be sorted, never mind delivered.  He said, “Oh madam, Thailand have big problems.”  He wasn’t kidding.

He proceeded to tell me that they had been there many weeks, and judging by the delay in my post, and many other people’s, I reckon he must have got the words, ‘weeks’, and ‘months’ muddled up.

If you are a resident of the Huay Yai district or Na Jomtien area, and you are not getting your mail delivered, then this is the reason.  I have complained, but one voice is not enough.  If more of us complain to them, and to the main postal service in BKK, then maybe, just maybe, someone will do something about it, because it’s very obvious that the post office on Sukhumvit Rd couldn’t care less.

E. Denning