Pets in condominium



I’m living in one of the condos in a huge compound located along Chaiyapruk Road in South Jomtien. Lately, the manager and his committee have decided to prohibit pets inside the condominium. I have received, included in the monthly bill, a 1000 baht fine for my dog, on the same document than the other service charges, water, etc… and I’m practically sure that this fine will also be monthly. What am I supposed to do?

It seems to me that the first set of regulations issued at the time of the constitution of a condominium should be forever the law concerning the presence of pets in this condominium. If these first regulations say no, a owner has every right to be angry if dogs appear after a few years in numbers. On the other hand, and precisely in my case, a pet owner who has checked that nothing was said about pets in the first regulations, should not be compelled to give up his dog, because some rogues in a committee, whose elections are overdue, by the way, have said so.

My poodle does not bark and I carry him when crossing the compound, so no noises or faeces to complain about. It’s not a fine about nuisances, but about the presence of the dog. I’m a co-owner and cannot move. Has anybody seen this kind of situation in any other Pattaya condos? Any legal advice is welcome, please.


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