Noise control act needed



Just off Soi Wat Boon Jomtien, a carnival/fairground & market has moved in about 100 meters from my condo. The noise is horrendous, from afternoon till after midnight, and let’s not forget the road is dangerous now, with all the traffic making it difficult to get across.

I accept I am a guest in your country, for the past 10 years, and have very few complaints about living here. But, the lack of control of noise has always puzzled me. Why do Thais not complain? It must bother them as much as me.

With pick-ups wandering around streets with loud, loud speakers, these kids in there over the top Harley tractors, open bars & karaoke places playing loud music till the wee hours, we all need our sleep, has there ever been a noise control act passed by previous government?

Matt Jomtien