Predictions about Pattaya’s weather are just nonsense


Dear Editor,
As a frequent visitor to Pattaya, I am getting really annoyed about the failure of the authorities to get the weather forecast correct even once in a while. During the past month alone we have had three “warnings” in the press, on the internet and via TV about heavy showers and thunderstorms about to come this way. On each occasion I took with me an umbrella which was in fact needed, but only to shield me from the hot sun and blue skies all day. It was the same story in July except for two brief downpours which lasted about an hour. Even the local radio regularly predicts afternoon or evening thunderstorms which simply never happen.

We all know that water shortage is a looming problem thanks to El Nino and other climatic developments. Rain is now a very welcome phenomenon rather than a nuisance. All over Pattaya there are huge underground pipes being installed to deal with flood waters when, in reality, it looks like they will hardly ever be used. They are proving to be a huge waste of money. Trying to find out what is really going on, I recently walked to the Pattaya weather station on the Buddha hill but the door was locked and nobody answered my knocking. I suggest that Pattaya Mail and all other local media stop issuing predictions about the rain to come unless and until the “professionals” can start to make sense. At the moment, they just look stupid.
Yours faithfully,
Trevor Lane