Should have left the watch in his car


Dear Editor,

Re. Mr. Jerry Langer’s comments about a locker room thief at Khao Kheow Country Club, I have been a member and played at a number of prestigious golf courses in the U.S. and other countries.  I can say in all certainty that none of these clubs would reimburse a member or player of the golf course for a loss he/she claimed to have incurred by valuables being stolen from his/her locker in the club locker room.  This would probably be setting a precedent whereby people would be claiming such losses every week or two before the situation got totally out of hand.

One has to question Mr. Langer’s wisdom in putting something as valuable as a 66,000 baht watch in a golf club locker.  These lockers are primarily there for golfers to keep a change of clothes to put on following a golf game.  The locks are fairly simple, and would be pretty easy for someone skilled at picking locks to open.  There may even be a master key that would open all the lockers.  I have in fact seen signs in locker rooms in a number of golf clubs specifically stating that the club takes no responsibility for items stolen from the lockers.  It would have been far more prudent for Mr. Langer to have left the watch in his car or put it in his golf bag.

As far as his telling his American friends about this – I have never played the Khao Kheow Golf course, but I understand that it is an excellent golf course.  If I liked the course, I would never let such an experience by a friend deter me from continuing to play there, and I’m sure that his American friends will be of a like mind.

R. L. Holt

Chiang Mai