Khao Kheow have no responsibility


Dear Sirs,

Re: Jerry Langer’s complaint about Khao Kheow and the stolen watch. Mr Langer is in the wrong and Khao Kheow have no responsibility. Khao Kheow and every other golf club have a notice displayed in their locker rooms warning golfers not to leave valuables in the lockers and that they have a free safe in which they can deposit their valuables. It was up to him to avail of this service. If they were to accept all claims for losses they would not stay in business very long. How are they to know if anything is lost and what is to stop someone from claiming they lost something worth 66,000 baht or for that matter something worth 500,000 baht. I doubt very much if any golf club in America would accept responsibility if someone was to claim that they lost something worth 5 to 10,000 dollars which in American terms would be much the same as he lost. Because of his carelessness he is now asking his friends to boycott Khao Kheow and therefore make caddies and staff pay for his mistake. I very much hope his friends will know who was wrong and not support him. I have been playing golf in Khao Kheow for over 12 years and have always found the staff there exceptionally nice and friendly and it is a shame to try to make them pay for something they didn’t do.


Joe McArdle