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If every week Jerry Langer (Mailbag: Locker Room Thief) plays golf at Khao Kheow Country Club he should see a very, very large sign that warns against leaving valuables in a locker.

My wife and I have played golf every day for the past 12 months in Thailand, China, South Africa, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand including Khao Kheow. Every locker room has the same warning. Does he have a receipt for the watch? Does he have the serial number and model number? Has the theft been reported to the police? Mr Langer has only himself to blame.

If I left my 1,815,000THB watch and my 1,320,000THB diamond ring in the locker room (yes I had them with me when I played at Khao Kheow last Wednesday) I would be at fault if I suffered a loss. My wife does not wear her 2,300,000 THB diamond rings and her 1,800,000 THB diamond watch and her 240,000 THB diamond bracelet when playing golf. What annoys is that Mr Langer seeks to blame someone else. I have lost fortunes several times in my 71 years on this earth. Each time I had only myself to blame.

Winston Doyle

Sydney, Australia