Shares frustration with technology



Re: Mad as HDML (PM Mailbag Friday, 11 December 2015) – Though I share your frustration with technology the window of “free or low price” is coming to an end and everyone providing “content” is lining up to insure that it does. I would purchase a new TV (not level 4) and I would purchase two new CD players that work with the new set for the discs you have that you wish to enjoy. They are all cheap as chips anyway and have gotten very small. Purchase cable or satellite service and don’t worry about it.

I have a “smart” TV and it has a great picture and sound.

The question you ask is the same question people ask of me in my lovely “luxury” 15 year old car (when they are searching for replacement parts). It works perfectly, still looks great, did not cost much even eight years ago when I bought it, it is familiar and I like it. And yes, I will have to replace it someday and hope that I like the next car just as much.


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