3 dimensional thinking


Dear Editor;

I’d like to respond to 3 articles in this week’s Pattaya Mail (Dec 11-17, 2015) in one letter. Yes I’d love to live to 120 providing I can have a minimum standard of living and reasonable health expectations. This article is the easiest one to respond to.

The second article: ‘Using new gene drive to create malaria-resistant mosquitoes’ ties in with the third: ‘UN weather agency: It’s record hot out there this year.’ It’s all very well introducing malaria resistant mosquitoes to start making an impact on the half million malaria deaths each year, but what do you do with all those extra mouths to feed that are born into lives of poverty and brute ignorance? We’re already seeing the results of global over-population in the increasingly erratic weather patterns in the world. I’d like to see much more emphasis being put on enforcing birth control programmes and maximum use of solar energy wherever possible.

Having said all that, I’d love to see the eradication of the cane toad.

Philip Fletcher,