Re: Nothing more than a tax (PM Mailbag Friday, 11 December 2015) – Irrelevant, KB. ‘The planet is infinite.’ ‘The planet is finite.’ A or B? “At any given time on earth 20 volcanoes polluting more than the entire population.” Irrelevant, and untrue. Irrelevant because volcanic activity is an unchanged constant – been going on since the earth formed. The earth was generally ‘in balance’ with that volcanic activity. Untrue – CO2 levels have been measured for a long time in Hawaii – there is not even a blip on the constant CO2 rise to mark, e.g., the 9 hour eruption of Mt Pinatubo (the second largest volcanic eruption of the twentieth century). CO2 is now over 400ppm, up 43%. The 2 petro plants (near) Pattaya emit more CO2 p.a. than Pinatubo did in its eruption.