Phuket opening up



This will come back to bite their bum. Lots of mention about how they depend on tourists, but before all this, the value of tourists was not mentioned in the Thai economy.

After 20 years, I am one of the hundreds of thousands on retirement visas that were treated as less than second class immigrants. As we can confirm with the vaccines, retirement visa, we have to report every 90 days to immigration, we need £18000 sitting in a Thai bank, with limited conditions for use, even though I own a property valued at £60000, and many valued at a lot more.

Prices for visiting attractions were triple than for Thais. Tourists scams going on the beach. Police stop you for non-traffic rules and having to pay up. The government believes all westerners are rich.

The only thing that keeps me here, is it’s cheap and warm all year.