Nothing more than a tax



Re: The 11 countries that haven’t made pledges for climate deal (PM Saturday, 05 December 2015) – When will people understand that this is nothing more than a tax?

In a few years time when this climate change octopus has its tentacles into every facet of life i.e., tax, you may realise how you have been hoodwinked by the elite.

A central body will control these payments and consolidate the money. These people are the rich, the corrupt and have a carbon footprint some times larger than small countries. They all fly one person in to these talks on a private plane. Big gas guzzling cars. Big house that consumes more electricity than most.

Then of course you have at any given time on earth 20 volcanoes polluting more than the entire population. So how are you going to tax them? Or are you going to tax the countries where they are?

Wake up people.


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