Reject the claim



Re: No travel insurance for motorbike taxis (PM Friday, 04 December 2015) – Suggest you read the fine print or change your insurance company. A claim will be rejected only if you are the “rider” of an unlicensed motorcycle. By your theory if I am injured by an unlicensed vehicle (whilst walking) my policy will be voided. Do you suggest that every time we engage a taxi or “ride pillion” we ask the driver to produce his registration certificate, his license & his insurance policy? Any reputable insurer would class your claim as “no intent” if you are the passenger & ok the claim. Comprehensive insurance is available for motorcycles (at a very high rate) but will be voided if you are unlicensed. As a claims officer with a very large company we were instructed, if there is any doubt, reject the claim & let the claimant pursue the matter further.

Bill Neal