Mad as HDML


Dear Editor,

I’m as mad as HDML and I’m not going to upgrade to 4D level TV, that’s for sure.

After reading the article: ‘TV Buying Guide: Get out tape measure before shopping’ in last Friday’s (Dec 4-10) Pattaya Mail, I’m not surprised that the Rolling Stones are asking for instructions on how to use the TVs in their, no doubt, sumptuous hotel rooms.

This article conjures up a nightmare world where companies like Apple, the richest global corporation in human history, has us all jumping through hoops trying to keep up with the latest gadgets its mad techno scientists care to dream up. I hate all these innovations that are ruining the lives of ordinary punters like myself. I love DVDs and CDs; soon ‘Global Corp’ will say these are totally obsolescent, being replaced by streaming that you can only get on a ridiculously expensive smart device, and you won’t be able to buy a new DVD or CD player anywhere.

I have a lovely little system set up in my room, a 500 baht DVD/CD player connected to my old, probably obsolete TV. I’m fretting already that I won’t be able to replace this precious system when/if I need to, thanks to ‘Global Corp’ having removed them. (Remember the floppy disc?)

Philip Fletcher,