Immigration closed for holiday


Dear Sir,

(Last month 16-5-2011) I went to Jomtien Immigration to renew my 90 day visa, only finding it closed. Not very happy, I was about to leave when the door opened and a female employee said to me and a few others they are open for 90 day renewals only. For all other transactions they will reopen Wednesday 18th, which I was happy about, but in the short time I was there dozens got turned away. Why can’t they put a notice in the office and on the internet stating all holiday closure dates for the year? It’s not rocket science?

Trevor William

Ed’s note: We think it was quite a nice thing they did, giving up part of their holiday to assist you and some of the others.  I can’t imagine a government office doing that in the West.  And as far as rocket science is concerned; you are a guest in a foreign country.  It’s up to you, not them, to figure out when the holidays are.  This isn’t rocket science, just look on the web.  Or, you could always read the Pattaya Mail – we always announce government holidays, usually on front page.