Hitting your head against a stone wall



I believe the comments by Dr. Prasertson are exactly what the Thai educational system needs but would require years of planning, a huge sum of money and, for the most part, many people like the good Dr. to implement.

Regrettably Thailand has none of the above. If only officials spent less time arranging festivals, changing uniforms, had fewer paid, time off holidays, meaningless award ceremonies, endless mindless meetings leading nowhere, and had the qualifications, competency, and desire to truly advance Thailand into at least the 20th century…

The Dr. should consider he is making proposals to people who planned the Air Link, a rail line to nowhere, Highway 7 without proper safe exits, upgrading U-Tapao airport, supported buying 12 military aircraft and some 30 yr. old submarines for billions ! Would, “Hitting your head against a stone wall” come into consideration here?

Don Aleman