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The Pollution Solution Group had the honor on Sunday May 29, to have 2 different sets of young girls at 2 different locations on Jomtien Beach offer their help and a cold drink. The first 2 are May and Mai and they live in Jomtien, the older 2 were on holiday from out of town.

We find that by setting examples it makes more people aware of the need for “all of us” to do our part and help in the removing of man made dangers that could harm or kill a child, sea life or contaminate our ocean.

May and Mai from Jomtien.May and Mai from Jomtien.

They were all happy to get some free literature and will bring it to their schools.

Today they learned that each danger that they remove is one less chance of a baby or sea life ingesting becoming ill or even dying; also preventing our ocean from being contaminated.

2 helpful women on holiday from out of town.2 helpful women on holiday from out of town.

They helped in the removing hundreds of toxic cigarette butts, bottle caps, plastic, foam, bar-b-q sticks and camera batteries. Many people watched and became more aware of not leaving litter behind.

The Pollution Solution Group is making a difference one day and one beach at a time.

Gerry Rasmus,

Aka KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean