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Although I have lived here a 1/4 of my life & would not change it. It was on 26 January that I found where my true loyalties lie. Being Australia Day I had read where back home (?) there were BBQ’s, street parades and a giant fireworks display. The best I could do here would have been a can of Fosters at an Aussie Bar.

Deciding to have a quiet night instead, I booted up my computer and looked for something Australian. By chance I hit on that great Aussie poet, “Banjo Paterson” and watched a trailer of the “Man from Snowy River”. This is an epic tale of the rough riding horsemen of the Australian Alps. I am not ashamed to admit that it bought tears to my eyes. You must understand that our history only goes back a little over 200 years. England has its Shakespeare & Ireland has its Bards, America has its Gen E Lee & Colonel Custer but they are outshone by an Irish emigrant. A Catholic Pope once said, “Give me a child to his seventh year & I will have him for life.” Looks like that is also true about the place you were born.

Next week “Clancy of the Overflow”. (Man from Snowy River, No one shot or punched, no animal seriously hurt.)

Aussie Bill

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