A belated reply



Re: “Smoking laws should be enforced”. First of all, you should be aware that a couple of months ago the World Health Organization issued the findings of research on air pollution. In a nutshell they reported that air pollution from motor vehicle exhaust, industrial smoke and home cooking was found to be carcinogenic and was causing cancer in human beings. Nothing was mentioned about second hand smoke, obviously because the volume of S.H.S. in the air is minuscule compared to the other sources, all of which also enter enclosed spaces.

It has now been proven that not only has second hand smoke not been the perpetrator in the case of non smokers getting cancer, but it is now also impossible to prove that smoking is the main cause of cancer in smokers.

As all of the draconian laws, insults and taxes placed on smokers was a result of the U.S. Surgeon Generals report on second hand smoke, and as that report has now been proven to be incomplete at best, it would seem that demanding unjust laws be enforced is a little out of line.

Not one English language Bangkok paper reported on the W.H.O. findings and as both refused to print an article I sent them demanding justice for smokers, it seems that what you should be demanding is an apology from fanatical non smokers, governments and tax collectors for those of us that were tormented for three decades.

I sincerely hope that you are fair enough to acknowledge the truth of what I am saying and will now stop concerning yourself about second hand smoke that has never killed anyone.

John Arnone