Anyone agree?



After living here for 14 years, and having had over 50 letters to the editor printed in the Post, Nation, P-Mail, and P-Today, I would again like to put in my 2-cents worth after a hiatus of a couple years.  Probably the most clever rip-off I have seen in my time here is True Vision.  They show 10 to 20 year old films over and over and over, albeit they do toss in an occasional Golden Oldie or a new release as a tease. Same with their music channels.  What they do is buy a block of programming at fire sale prices, and then show them over and over… must be the mentality that everyone is a two week tourist and couldn’t care less or even watch TV.  The TV guide is impossible to inform you of anything, so I just pitch it as soon as it comes in the mail.  Absolutely no Olympics coverage and no Premier League, yet snooker gets front row seat? Lastly, why is there a logo in each upper corner telling us that is it True Vision and what show we are already watching, (paranoid about someone taping their program… no one would bother) and those ‘pop-ups’ are enough to drive you around the bend.  Well, it’s beer time and nice to be back ‘word smithing’…

Hyde Parke