Fed up with illegal all-night noise


The Editor:

This is a plea to Pattaya Officials, Pattaya Police, City Government or any other group that can help solve this problem. An evening entertainment venue located on the first block of Soi Khopai, down from South Pattaya Road, is the cause of the problem. It opens at midnight and closes at 7:30 am. They play extremely loud music every evening. No one can sleep; not Thai children; not Thai working people and not older, retired expats and their wives. Even the dogs bark all night. This has been going on every evening since Pattaya re-opened.

Police have been contacted. Public phone numbers to report problems have been called numerous times. Nothing has helped. Four square city blocks are assaulted every evening by this very loud music. People have begun to drink alcohol and take drugs just to sleep – all because of this one club. There are many other clubs in the area and they cause no noise problems.

We are not opposed to the hours of the club, only the noise and the sleepless nights they cause. Can the city officials please look into this? Can they make this club put insulation in place so we cannot hear the music? If not, can the city make the club adhere to the legal decibel level and closing times?

This letter has been written to represent more than a hundred people, mostly Thais, many of whom have lived in the area for 15 years or more, well before there was any development on Soi Khopai. In short, all we want is a decent night’s sleep.

Thank you for any attention city officials can give to this matter.

Sleepless in Pattaya