Download your camera manual



Re: Where did we put the instruction manual? (PM Snap Shots Friday, 08 August 2014) – If you are talking about modern cameras then just download the PDF of the manual to your smartphone.

I know as least one iPhone app that charges for each manual you download but that’s just plain silly since pretty much every manufacturer provides them as free downloads on their support website. First thing I do BEFORE I enter the shop to buy a new camera is to download and read the manual.

But don’t feel embarrassed about not knowing every page of your manual. Cameras are so complex these days and we use a small fraction of their capabilities and settings it very easy to knock the camera into a mode we don’t recognise and then be completely flummoxed about what it’s doing.

BTW if you are hankering after an 800mm, IMHO the Sigma 300-800 is much better than the Nikkor. Less faffing about trying to find the subject. 800mm with a moving subject is like trying to spot a mosquito through a straw.

Neal Holland