Ban parking on Beach Road



Re: Buses on Beach Road (PM Mailbag Friday, 22 August 2014) – One of the attractions of Pattaya is its Beach. If you believe buses should be banned from parking on Beach Road then why not ban all vehicles from parking there? Erect “No Standing” signs and police the area. No standing means that unless you are in a stalled line of traffic you must keep moving. Problem solved: Songthaews can not stop to discharge people; motorbike pillion riders must alight on the move and buses will need to turn into the sois to unload.

We now have a wide avenue with sea views and no bathers. Visit almost any modern city and it will have some sort of mass road transport system. These places have had many years to iron out their problems while Pattaya has had little or no planning.

For instance, why were land owners allowed to claim their land started from the road edge? No thought was given to wide roads with 12 foot sidewalks. Even now, new buildings are built up to the existing line.

What far sighted planner once came up with the idea that when 2nd Road was made one way, that if a songthaew painted the lower half of his windscreen yellow he could travel against the traffic? There are still some of us who remember this (All because Big C was losing customers.)

In most cities the kerb side lane is taken up with buses, etc., discharging passengers. They then need to merge into the main stream to continue. Let’s face it. With Pattaya, “It’s what you have you are stuck with.” City Hall had a second chance with Jomtien but blew it.

If you are uncomfortable driving in these conditions I suggest you hand in your license and attempt to cross Beach Road when it becomes a clearway.

Bill Neal